Logistics ERP Software for Logistics Management System in India

Best Transport Management Software for Transportation Management (TMS System)

Logistics ERP software system process flow - AV Softtech

We providing the logistics ERP software approved by Bajaj Auto Ltd. for logistics management system. As the products and value-added services to a number of logistics transports and fleet management business entities that will assist them to boost growth of the business.

Logistics accounting software is one of the widely using integrated software for transport and fleet management.

AV Softtech offers customize based logistics shipping software for 3PL and Integrated (Inbound/Outbound) logistic companies which can provides consignment costing, truck costing, lorry hire costing, trip costing, integrate transportation, material handling, packaging, inventory, security associated with the supply chain process, etc.

The software is fully online and can be access and control your business any time any whare. its also helps you to manage and schedule the mailing, shipping, and tracking of packages, equipment, and letters.

Benefits of Logistics Software Management -

Sticker label printing and scanning
E-way Bill
E-way Bill & Part-B Integrate to Government Portal
Customer Payment Gateway
Mobile App
SMS and Email Alerts & Notification
Integrated Accounting
E-Invoice Integration To Government Portal
Customer Relation Management(CRM)
Own Fleet Management

Features of Logistics Software Management

Managing Distribution Plans

Logistics management software is a great for distribution planning and inventory system management. It is also used to create order, manage the production, and speed up the ordering process. By using this Logistics software, you will be able to manage distribution plans and get to know the transport market more efficiently.


Logistics and Warehousing are the two major non-linear things in supply chain management and that’s need to be done optimally. With the use of transport management software, optimize the production, reducing costs and delivery time decreased. Main benefits of Warehouse.

  • Reduced Inventory Cost
  • Improved Distribution Accuracy by Using Real-Time Data Access
  • Improved pick up/pack efficiency by understanding labor rates, which shipping carriers offer better rates
  • Increased automation through predictive analytics

The transport management system is used by many different companies for everything from planning and managing warehouse inventory, to tracking shipments and transport options. The logistics industry has one of the most growing industries in the world. Hence people increasing demand for web based shipping; logistics software has also seen a rise in usage.


Transport Companies to track and manage the movement of Transportation use the logistics management software. It is also used for tracking inventory and managing financials data like taxes, and accounting. The role of accounting/billing in logistics management software is to provide visibility, accuracy into financial reports, analyze end results, and take decisions about the future of an organization. And this can be done through the clear communication between the logistics businessman and its accounting team.

Logistics Management Software Approved By Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Operational Module


  • Lorry Receipt (LR,CN,AWB,Docket)
  • Manifest (Delivery Challan)
  • Acknowledgement (Delivery Status)

POD Management

  • POD Submit (POD hardCopy)
  • POD Send/Receive (Inter Branch)
  • Bulk POD Upload On Server
  • Customerwise POD Download

Billing (Multi Branch)

  • LR wise Billing (GST Integrated)
  • Charge base billing (GST Integrated)
  • BillSubmission (Covering Letter).
  • GST Calculation on basis of party state
  • Reverse Charge (RCM) Billing.
  • GSTR-1 and other GST Return Format

Document Enquiry

  • LR, Manifest (Memo), Billing


  • Customer Outstanding with ageing
  • Vendor Outstanding
  • Paid/Topay Outstanding


  • Non-Dispatch,Unbilled,Non-Delivery LR
  • Booking, Trip,unloading register
  • Delivery, billing , POD register etc.


  • LR,Party,Branch Profitability
  • Vehicle Profitability
  • Trip wise Profitability

Cargo/Part Load Companies

  • PickUp Request (By App/Online)
  • LCM(Local collection Memo)
  • LDM(Local Delivery Memo /DRS )
  • Vehicle Arrival (Godown Inward)
  • Route Planning
  • HUB Management
  • Single LR Partly Dispatching
  • Single LR in Multi Transhipment
  • Godown Stock
  • Delivery/POD (By Mobile App)
  • Re-booking
  • Short/Excess/Dammage Management

WMS / CFA (Clearing Forwarding Agencies)

  • Inward /Outward Product
  • Warehouse Damage Product
  • LR Against Outward Product
  • Warehouse Rack Management
  • Stock-Product,Batch No. wise
  • Split Inward/Damage Product

Quotation Management

  • Quotation Entry
  • Auto Follow-up Process
  • Quotation Finalization

Franchise Management

  • Franchise Contract
  • Franchise Settlement
  • Franchise Payment
Integrated Accounting Module

Software automatically manages 90% of standard transport accounting .There is no need to create any voucher .Do not require to maintain any accounting package. Export data to tally provision


  • Customer Credit/Debit Note.
  • Vendor Credit/Debit Note.
  • Vendor Payment (Advance/Balance).
  • Money Receipt(BILL/LR).
  • General Voucher Entry.
  • Vendor/Supplier Bill (GST Provision)
  • Bank reconciliation.

Inter Branch Accounting

  • Daily Branch Expenses
  • Branch Cash/Bank Fund Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal (From ATM/Bank)
  • Cash Statement - Branch/Consolidated

Account/Taxation/Auditor Reports

  • Account Statement/Ledger
  • Bank reconciliation Statement
  • Monthwise Sale-Purchase bifurcated
  • TDS Receivable,TDS Payable Etc
  • GSTR -1 and GSTR 3 format

Final Book

  • Trail Balance (Branch & Consolidated)
  • Profit & Loss (Branch & Consolidated)
  • Balance Sheet
Key features

Work on mutli branches and Users.

Managing Heavy Database

User Configuration and Scurity

  • User authentication ,User Access
  • Record User each activity

Rate Contract

  • Customer Contract (Route,KG/QTY/FIX)
  • Vendor Contract (Route,KG/QTY/FIX)
  • Hamali Contract (KG/QTY/FIX)

Document Series

  • Auto OR Manually Series
  • Series Allocation

Expiry Alert

  • Branch Series Expiry Alert
  • Driver license Expiry alert

KPI's Dashboard (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Sale Performance
  • Expencses Overview (Branch wise)
  • Profitablity (Customer/Branch wise)
  • Sale vs Recovery Performance
  • Customer Outstanding Overview
  • Cash/Bank In/Out Flow

Auto Billing On Single Click

  • Customerwise Genrate Bill of all Unbilled LR on Single click
  • Reduces Billing Process Time
Company Fleet Module


  • Tyre/Spear Part Purchase
  • Spear Part Issue
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driver Trip Closing
  • RTO/Insurance Document
  • Vehicle Claim entry
  • Vehicle EMI
  • Empty trip

Tyre module

  • Tyre Issue
  • Tyre Out (Scrap,Remoulding,Sale)
  • Tyre Stock statement

Pending Report

  • Driver Outstanding/Driver Ledger
  • Spear Part Stock


  • Purchase ,Issue ,Maintance registers
  • Empty trip , Vehicle EMI/Claim registers etc

Expiry Alert

  • RTO/Insurance Document Expiry Alert
  • Vehicle Maintenance Expiry Alert
  • Driver License Expiry Alert

MIS Reports

  • Vehicle Profitability
  • Vehicle Average
  • Vehicle Per day trip Profitability
ERP Automation

E-Invoice Integration

  • Auto generate from Government portal
  • Invoice Print with QR Code and IRN No.

Eway Bill & Part-B Integration

  • Auto update Part-B to portal
  • Consolidated EwayBill Print
  • worked on multi state Transporter ID
  • E-WayBill Expiry Alert
  • Auto Extent E-wayBill Validity

Sticker Lable Printing and Scanning

  • Sticker Lable Printing with Barcode
  • Scan Material at Loading-Unloading

GPS & SIM Base Tracking

  • Live Vehicle Track On Google MAP

Mobile App

  • CN Tracking
  • E-POD
  • Booking /Delivery CN
  • Loading/Unloading Sticker Scanning
  • Auto Mainfest after Loading Scan
  • Auto Unloading after Unloading Scan

SMS and Email Alert

  • SMS/Mail Alert To Customer
  • CN,BILL,MR Soft copy mail to customer.
Payroll/ HR Module

Attendency Management

  • Attendency by Mobile App
  • Attendency by Excel Import

Leave Management

  • Paid/Unpaid leave manage
  • Carry forward leave manage

Salary Management

  • Generate Auto Salary Slip
  • Branch & Departmentwise
  • Salary Advance
  • Auto Deduct Advance In monthly slip
  • Salary Payment against Slip
  • Payslip Register
  • Advance Register
  • Salary Payment Register
  • Salary Advance Register
  • Salary Bank statment